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AlphaOneNiner was my call-sign as an Army company commander back in the 80s. Shortly after my last commission with a Recon unit, I sought to see the world and ended up spending some time in Milan, Italy. By the time I got to NYC in '89, I found myself in the fashion industry. I spent the next few years hawking designers brands from Armani to D&G to Karl Lagerfeld. It was quite the eye opener going from the military to the fashion industry!

In 1996 I opened my first design studio in downtown NYC, servicing a number of designers. Shortly after 9-11 we moved down to Virginia and I turned my focus to product development for the law enforcement and military (LE/Mil) industry. Past products that I have designed and produced are currently in use with the FBI HRT, the Marines Force Recon, the DEA, members of our Air Marshals and selected special operations units worldwide.

AlphaOneNiner is the latest project that I'm developing and a rather personal one. It's something of a coming to a full circle for me. It allows me to combine my love for product design & development, traveling and entrepreneurship.


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